On-going projects

In this category are all the projects conducted by SIDI or a partner that are in the production phase. That is the projects that have already delivered results and have reached some grade of maturity.  At the moment when SIDI is just started, the only ongoing project is Drugle. We hope to add more projects here. We are going to do that starting own projects or in collaboration with our partners.


DRUGLE is a semantic search engine specialized for pharmacology and medical drug information. DRUGLE started as a project sponsored by  Karolinska Institutet and managed by  Seibo Software Studios. Since January 2011, professor Lars L Gustafsson at  Karolinska Institutet and Seibo Software Studios have transferred all the intellectual and commercial rights to Drugle software to the Foundation Swedish Institute for Drug Informatics (SIDI). Since January 2011  the source code of Drugle is entirely owned by the foundation SIDI. Presently SIDI is considering how to provide this code under an open or free distribution license. We will inform you about our solution.

Drugle 150x50

You can test Drugle here or read about it here.


Swedish reference model for drug information

The purpose of this project is the creation of a conceptual model of drug information to be used as a reference primarily in Sweden.

The intial work has been done by Paul Cohen from Seibo Software Studios. The result of this work has been written down in this draft document (in swdish).

From now on this project is hosted by SIDI and the first step is to start a discussion on the proposed model in the draft. Trying to involve experts and stakeholders on the subject.

Substance API (coming soon ...)


(coming soon ..)


(coming soon ..)