SIDI together with Karilinska Institut organizes the workshop that is about user adapted knowledge bases and real world data in medicine and pharmacology: data acquisition, design, implementation and effects with the detailed aims of:
1. Provide state-of-the-art knowledge about design and use of knowledge bases and real world data to achieve rational drug therapy in clinical practice.
2. Strengthen research and development about decision support for patients, healthcare staff and students.
3. Highlight optimal avenues to access data and sustain open science collaboration.
4. Identify and initiate research and development partnerships.
More information in the attached files: invitation, Programme, Practical

SIDI co-organises meeting about medical information

The Swedish Society of Medicine and SIDI organise a hearing about the availability of medical information on the 30th of May.
Programme and information about participation can be found in the attached PDF file (in Swedish).

BIKT agreement

SIDI and Inera have agreed on cooperation to produce the database BIKT (from the Swedish "Biverkningsöversikt" = Summary of adverse effects).
BIKT is a dataset containing information about undesirable adverse effects of medicinal drugs in  the Swedish market. BIKT covers at this moment about 50% of all medicinal drugs in the Swedish market and the ambition in the agreement is to constantly increase this figure all the time.
SIDI is going to deliver an updated and quality assured database once  a month to be integrated in the Sil database from Inera. The Sil database is used for decision support in the drug's prescription modules in the majority of the EHR systems in Sweden.

SIDI at Vitalis

Our CTO and board member Daniel Rodriguez is going to have a talk in the Vitalis conference th 24th April at 13.30 hs with the title:
    Future medical decision support requires open data and software and user-driven development.
The Vitalis conference is the largest eHealth event in Scandinavia.It takes place 22-24 April 2015 in Gothenburg.

Swedish Research Council publishes a proposal for Swedish guidelines for open access to scientific information

Recently, the Swedish Research Council released their proposal for national guidelines for open access to scientific information. In the proposal the basic principle is that all publicly supported scientific publications and the scientific data they are based on should be openly accessible.

Internet Infrastructure Foundation publication about the Drugline project

An interview about the Drugline project with the project leader Marine Andersson has been published.

Drugline, online for more than a year.

The database Drugline has now been openly availiable for more than a year. Information about the project and the final report can be found here:

Drugline launched

SIDI, together with the drug information central at Karolinska University Hospital is launching the database Drugline on the 1st of January. The database contains approximately 14 000 questions and answers form drug information centers in Sweden, Odense in Denmark and Turku in Finland. Most of the documents are about adverse effects of drugs, drug interactions and drug use during pregnancy and lactation but many other drug related questions have also been answered.  The database can be found on the URL and is open for anyone although the documents are written and intended for health care personnel.  The project is supported by the Internet fund (
SIDI has contributed with the technical infrastructure of the search engine Drugle which is in the bottom of the Drugline solution. The project has been driven by Karolinska University Hospital together with Seibo Software Studios (Sweden) and Sophhilabs (Uruguay).


Open Access Week October 21-28

The Open Access Week 2012 will be held 21-28th October. Events can be attended either physically all over the world or by Internet. For more information see

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